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Before You Sell

Can I Sell My House Myself?

Yes, but... The best reason for working with a professional is the enormous amount of information they have at their disposal. They know about market trends, houses in your neighborhood, and the people most likely to buy there. They know how to reach the largest number of people who may be interested in your house. They are trained in areas like screening potential buyers, and negotiating with them.

What Makes A House Sell?

There are five considerations: your price, terms, condition, location, and exposure.

When Is The Best Time To List A House For Sale?

As soon as you decide to sell it. Give yourself as much time as possible.

Is There Any Seasonality To The Market?

It varies in different areas of the country. However houses tend to "show" better in the spring and fall. Most people like to do their house shopping when the weather is pleasant.

What About Market Conditions - price trends, interest rates, the economy?

Waiting for better market conditions is not likely to increase your profit.

How Long Should It Take To Sell?

Average listing times vary from 30 to 180 days. Allowing yourself at least six months will put you in a position to get a better return from marketing efforts.

What If I Can't Sell My House Before We Have To Move?

One option to think about is renting. Another solution, available from ERA Brokers Consolidated, is the guaranteed sale plan. (Detailed in next question)

What If I Have To Sell My Old House First?

The guaranteed sale plan is a written promise by ERA Brokers Consolidated to buy your house at a pre-determined price if it doesn't sell by a certain date.
Look into the ERA Sellers Security® Plan.

How Do I Price My House?

In a word, realistically. Today's residential real estate market is no place to look for easy profit. You can get what your house is worth, but you have to be realistic about its value.

What Is "Fair Market Value"?

It is the highest price an informed buyer will pay. It is usually not the asking price. Ask your local realtor for a Competative Market Analysis(CMA)

What's The Difference Between Fair Market Value And Asking Price?

Usually the advertised price of a house when it goes on the market, is set slightly higher than fair market value. You can assume that some negotiation will be necessary to reach an agreement with a buyer.

Who Can Help Me Determine The Right Asking Price?

Real estate agents can suggest asking prices based on the wide array of of information they have at their disposal. You can also order an appraisal.

How Flexible Should I Be About The Asking Price?

A good agent can help you with the negotiations. Whether in writing, face-to-face, or by phone your agent should inform you of your options in responding to each offer from the buyer.

Should I Fix My House Up Before It Goes On The Market?

Unless your house is nearly new, you will want to do some work to get it ready to market. How much work you do depends on the asking price, the time you have to sell, and the present condition of the house. If you are in a hurry, then do the little things that make your house look better outside and show better inside.

What Is "Curb Appeal", And How Do I Create It?

This is a term for everything a buyer could see from the street, that would make them want to turn in and take a look. Think "neat" and "neutral".

Should I Make Any Major Home Improvements?

Certain home improvements such as: adding central air conditioning, building a deck or patio, basement finishing, some kitchen remodeling, and new floor and/or wall coverings can add value and speed up the sale of the house.

What About Home Warranties?

The ERA Home Protection Plan is one of the best selling points you can add to your house. The warranty offers protection for you and your buyer, covering repair or replacement costs for breakdowns to most major systems and built-in appliances up to a year or more after the date of closing.

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